Currently, many joint replacement patients are unhappy post-surgery, often due to alignment issues and unnatural feel in their new knee. At Lento Medical Innovation our joint replacement solutions are strictly science-driven and developed to help significantly improve outcomes through a more precisely tuned, sophisticated approach to approved clinical procedures in order to discover the native joint and guide to restore it.


Not available for sale in the U.S.

PtoleMedic System


Our PtoleMedic System™ identifies each patient’s unique, native joint shape and orientation. Using that information, our PtoleMedic System creates a pre-operative plan for simplified surgical implementation and increased efficiency in the operating room.

PtoleKnee Surgical Guide


The PtoleKnee Surgical Guide™, is an output from the PtoleMedic System for knee replacement surgery. We design, manufacture, and ship the PtoleKnee Surgical Guide within hours, ensuring prompt delivery to surgical centers. The guide is designed based on a pre-operative plan that gained surgeons consent in order to restore the native knee and is compatible with all implant types, helping to eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty of joint alignment in total knee replacement surgery. Through proprietary technology and methodology, Lento Medical Innovation targets “neutral boundary” mechanical alignment for structural stability and soft tissue balancing.

Additional products under development for total hip replacement surgery and other joints – please stay tuned.